About Us

The flourishing of internet access and use in Jordan since its introduction in 1995 has facilitated a greater degree of online independence and freedom of expression in our country. However, cybercrime legislation is imposed to ensure that only moderate censure is tolerated about the powers that be. The media scene in Jordan is volatile. In June 2013, 250 news websites were closed down in the wake of a royal decree requiring them to register with the authorities. Print has resorted to yellow journalism and blackmail to survive and function as political tools while consistently omitting fact checking.

Social media is now undoubtedly Jordan's premium source of news with Facebook leading the way followed by few fair online news magazines such as Jordan Inquirer. Our team of reporters write about the region as a while, defining the news and issues we care about as a community. We report by finding meaningful stories that tell our readers about real news not propaganda, while overcoming obstacles and bringing us closer together as people. Jordan Inquirer’s stirring blend of daily news, business, entertainment, health, lifestyle and technology has made Jordan Inquirer sought-after by the young and old alike and we are now among the fastest growing online English-language magazine in the country.