Queen Rania meets with charitable societies in East Thuheibeh

Her Majesty Queen Rania recently visited the Al Ahd and Al Ittifaq Charitable Society headquarters in the East Thuheibeh area of Amman where she met with representatives and beneficiaries of a local charitable society supported by a revolving fund of the Royal Hashemite Court (RHC).

Queen Rania meets with charitable societies in East Thuheibeh

The Al Ahd and Al Ittifaq Charitable Society's president, Farhan Al Methhan, welcomed Her Majesty at its headquarters. Members of the organization's board then briefed her on the society's accomplishments and upcoming goals, a statement from Her Majesty's office said. A variety of economic and charitable projects and programmes are run by the society, creating local employment opportunities that support the community of East Thuheibeh. 

As Her Majesty pointed out during the meeting, the members of the Board exemplify "deep commitment to the values of solidarity, cooperation, and generosity" through their work. In collaboration with the Jordan River Foundation, the Al Ahd and Al Ittifaq Charitable Society distributes RHC-supported funds to members of the community to enable them to begin their own income-generating initiatives and improve their livelihood. As part of her visit to the society, Queen Rania met with some of the beneficiaries, who gave her an overview of their income-generating projects. 

“These businesses have thrived because they fulfill the needs of your communities,” Her Majesty said. She also attributed their success to the beneficiaries’ grit and wise management, adding that their efforts have created opportunities for others.

The Queen visited the only water purification facility in East Thuheibeh during her tour, which provides filtered and ozone-treated tap water to the entire community. Furthermore, she visited a number of local homes, meeting with several women who are their families' primary breadwinners.  Founded in 2013, the Al Ahd and Al Ittifaq Charitable Society offers assistance to students and the disabled, promotes water and environmental conservation, and holds vocational training sessions.